The blog of the beast!

I hadn’t realised we stood at 666 posts. How apt that I am off to see Iron Maiden next weekend.

But that wasn’t what I came  to talk about. I came to talk about my new bike!

It has become increasingly clear that the end of the tarmac should not signify the end of exploring. Also Dave the D is starting to be very creative in the definition of “road” beside which a LM can be found.

So I bought this very purple and very undaunting TTR on ebay. I think it stands for “Trying To Ride.” Alun and Gary from “WeMoveBikesandQuads” whipped it down the A1 for me and now it is in my garage making friends with 2 Moos.

I don’t own any brightly coloured polyester off-road pants. Though the bike is bright enough for both of us… And it’s a long time since I did the BMW Off Road school. How hard can it be? Maybe it will be like falling off a bicycle….



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5 responses to “The blog of the beast!

  1. LOVE maiden!!! now i've got that song in my head, lol! have fun at the show, and, have fun with the new bike!

  2. Love the colour! Maybe you could match the hair to it……?

  3. Dar

    Awesome! I too am thinking more off road would be a cool thing to add to my riding repertoire. Have fun!

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