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Here is the Moos

I am waiting for my Simmer Dim invitation. This is a very stressful experience – only the first 350 to get their invitations back to Shetland will get a place. And thanks to the joy of Facebook, I know that some people got theirs yesterday and have already sent them winging back north.

It’s particularly annoying because I was at home all last week with Evil Flu. I could have driven the 500 yards to the postbox if the invitations had come last week.

I did contemplate a sudden relapse but that would be Wrong. And then I remembered that it is nearly spring. The sun is shining and I have come to work on the Moos so that I can ride home at lunchtime and hope that the postie has been. So I remain virtuous and I get back on the bike after a short winter layoff. A double win!

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Simmer Dim booty

I have a rally badge! Now I need a waistcoat to pin it to.

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Preparations for the Simmer Dim #4

Followers of #29in29 will remember that my Cath Kidston wash bag disappeared over the horizon towards the Stirling Range, possibly in the posession of a large kangaroo. It was the perfect size for stuffing into a Metal Mule and I have been keeping an eye out for a replacement. It’s been looking like the shape had been dropped from the range, though.

Today I decided to ask. I am a bit low and buying things is always a mood-lifter: but I am trying hard to be good and only buy necessary things. Lots of praise for the shop assistant – she knew that they were still available, and that a delivery was expected imminently, so she went into the back for a look.

And now I shall be ready for my close-up again 🙂

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Preparations for the Simmer Dim #3

Timpsons declared my boots unrepairable so I am attempting to prove them wrong with Gorilla Glue. I'll settle for Mostly Waterproof.


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Preparations for the Simmer Dim #2

I have done page 62, Air Cleaner (though I really ought to buy a new one); page 63, Crankcase Breather; page 73, Throttle Operation; and page 100, Cleaning.  I have also had a go at re-gluing the heated grip back onto the throttle (it twists round until it acts as a rev limiter) and trimmed some of the end of the rubber in an attempt to stop it sticking open.

I haven’t done page 64, Engine Oil, because I’ll check levels before we set out next week. I haven’t done page 69, Spark Plugs, because it seems to involve taking half the bike apart; or page 75, Drive Chain, because despite working out I still can’t lift 2Moos onto the centre stand. We’ll get there.

I also haven’t done page 84, Wheel Removal, because I’m not sure how this will help. But I’m reassured that should I need to do this, my Owners Manual has helpful pictures, unlike the BMW one which just said “this should be done by your Authorised BMW Dealer. “

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Preparations for the Simmer Dim #1

I have found my badge which served me well in Freshers Week (though, since I went to that bastion of privilege, St Andrews, I ought to call it Bejants Week). Though I think the two things which made me memorable were the fact that I spilt red wine down my posh white top in the first five minutes of the David Russell Hall welcome drinks, and my participation in the Student Union Blind Date show (he didn’t pick me, but I definitely had the sauciest answers).

It’s not quite true of course – I shall know Nick and Jane, and Bobbi if she can get her trike fixed. So that will be 3 down, 246 to meet. No worries 🙂


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Does this come with matching shoes?

I am still thinking about girl stuff. Specifically, how my wardrobe choices are dictated by my transport choices. This morning I cycled to work, even though my knee is still dodgy, because I am porking up to an unacceptable level. So this morning’s question was, what will fit in the basket on the back of the pushbike, and look OK with trainers? Answer – vintage flowery sundress. On other days, the question is, what can I fit under all-weather bike trousers and wear with boots? And the answer to that is usually one of my posh Jaeger frocks, with tights.

There are days when I think how lovely it would be to choose an outfit based on mincing 5 feet from my front door to the car, and then the same from the car park to the office. How lovely it would be to arrange a hairdo and a face in the comfort of my own boudoir, not the office lavs, and not have to wory about helmet hair. 

More importantly I am wondering what I need to pack for the Simmer Dim. I am not sure I want to take my irreplaceable Crowtree jacket to a five-day drinking festival. Mainly because I can’t get any jumpers under it.


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