Good People

They say it takes a village. It certainly takes a lot of friends to keep me and the Wingman on the road. Here are a few of the good ones:

  • OilySmudges  – Restoration stories, news and thoughts from the world of classic motorcycles. Stuart also does the insanely difficult OilySmudges Silhouette Quiz on Twitter – I watch but I have no expectation of ever being able to play.
  • Martin at Burwins has been a Godsend after I broke the MZ kickstart. He didn’t just know which parts I needed, he sent me a special washer to make the spring work better and talked me through the black art of turning your cover about one turn but definitely not more than one-and-a-quarter
  • The Wartburg Trabant IFA Club – full of very friendly people who know their two-strokes and have fuel lines, spare batteries and garages full of tools.
  • The MZ Riders Club – like the IFA Club, ready with help and advice when my ambition outraches my ability with the spanners.