Once again, the #bloodycyclists show the way

I’m interested in the pasting being handed out on Twitter to “Nice Way Code,” a new road safety initiative by the Scottish Government.

Cyclists have taken over from bikers as the group for whom KSIs are rising, not falling.

Yes, it’s probably due in part to more people on two wheels – but that was also true for bikers and it didn’t stop many key people in Government saying that as a result of rising KSIs, motorcycling could not be promoted as part of the transport mix.

Now the road safety authorities are rolling out for cyclists the kind of inept, well-meaning campaigns they inflicted on us. Hell, some of them weren’t even well-meaning. But Nicewaycode is trying to encourage road users to look out for each other and share responsibility for safety using some “humorous” posters and videos.

Seems reasonable?

Not if you’re a cyclist, apparently!

Instead of muttering a bit and then flagellating themselves, as the bikers did, the cyclists are angry and are expressing their views in very clear terms.

The main argument being put forward seems to be that for as long as the majority of collisions are the responsibility of the other driver – true for bicycles and motorcycles – then the campaign is targetting the wrong audience.

I do hope TfL and @dorsetbikecop are listening.


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2 responses to “Once again, the #bloodycyclists show the way

  1. Thanks for this. I am a driver and a cyclist (too scared for motorcycling :-)). It's interesting to hear that motorcyclists were subjected to similarly inept campaigns. What were motorcyclists subjected to that was particularly inept? Do you have any examples of any good ones?

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