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The blog of the beast!

I hadn’t realised we stood at 666 posts. How apt that I am off to see Iron Maiden next weekend.

But that wasn’t what I came  to talk about. I came to talk about my new bike!

It has become increasingly clear that the end of the tarmac should not signify the end of exploring. Also Dave the D is starting to be very creative in the definition of “road” beside which a LM can be found.

So I bought this very purple and very undaunting TTR on ebay. I think it stands for “Trying To Ride.” Alun and Gary from “WeMoveBikesandQuads” whipped it down the A1 for me and now it is in my garage making friends with 2 Moos.

I don’t own any brightly coloured polyester off-road pants. Though the bike is bright enough for both of us… And it’s a long time since I did the BMW Off Road school. How hard can it be? Maybe it will be like falling off a bicycle….


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