#bbbc Day 6: Your favorite motorcycle gadget/gizmo

32605228346_a1648869e8_zI’ve been thinking about this as I trundle back and forth to my new job.

When I underestimated the depth of the puddle I wondered whether the answer was Waterproof Boots. But they don’t exist. And fording dangerous water features makes me feel a bit like a real motorcycle explorer, though with the advantage of being able to dry my boots out on the office radiator.

Then I thought maybe the answer was heated grips. When I got heated grips on my Triumph I was able to extend my riding season massively. Until some scrote ripped the controller off the bike . If anyone has an old-style Oxford heated grips switch please let me know!

And then I decided that my favourite motorcycle gizmo is my coffee maker. When you can make your own coffee by the roadside you are truly free 🙂

This post is part of the February 2017 Brave, Bold Beautiful Blogger Challenge by desert-campingToadmama. Find out more here: Brave, Bold, Blogger Challenge.  I really enjoyed #29in29 and know that I need a kick up the arse to start posting again.







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2 responses to “#bbbc Day 6: Your favorite motorcycle gadget/gizmo

  1. Please explain what on ‘old style’ controller is. I may have a recent spare one. Grips are grips. Why wouldn’t a more recent one work just as well?

    You can email me here: david@masse.org

  2. highwaylass

    I will have to send you a photo, it doesn’t look like I can put one here! A more recent one might work but I am not gifted with wiring. I could do a like-for-like replacement but wouldn’t feel confident adapting.

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