Highwaylass, what are the three best things in life?

Jump leads, thermal underwear and heated grips.



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4 responses to “Highwaylass, what are the three best things in life?

  1. Rig

    I'm a little worried to ask, but why those 3 things?

    Did Ruby have a little problem this morning?

    (Got to agree with the thermal underwear and heated grips)

  2. I had to ride from Kenilworth to Ely yesterday – Ruby wasn't much up for the idea and needed a little extra help to get started. Owing to poorly-planned packing I didn't have quite enough wooly items and owing to a comfort-eating problem there wouldn't have been room for them under my winter trousers anyway so only the heated grips let me pretend I was warm…after 2 hours with an air temperature between 0.0 and 1.5, and a wind chill of “aaargh” PB had to chip me off the bike. (slight exaggeration). To add insult to injury while 99 per cent of the route is well-gritted A-road the final 200 yards presented me with three inches of slippery slidey compacted snow. All that slow riding practice finally paid off….

  3. Elsewhere you mentioned the Touratech catalogue? That's one good thing (to browse through at least)!
    Happy Christmas to PB and you!

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