Never assume…

I try to be wryly amused these days rather than unleash my feminist rage but sometimes it’s still a challenge!

The 2CV has died  Its chassis has folded. Given that Hortense is 38 this has been on the cards for a while but it still creates a problem for me in my new disguise as Itinerant Folkie. While I do own a music stand, like most things in my life it is heavy-duty and wouldn’t look out of place on a tank.

This is not terribly convenient when you are trying to bungee it to a motorcycle.

I occasionally pass a music shop on my way home from work so I sidled in to see if they had a folding stand that wouldn’t collapse at the drop of a pin and sever any protruding body parts on the way down.

Yes they did. Brilliant! I explained that I needed it to go on the back of a motorcycle.

Some confusion.

More confusion.

Then it dawned that the comedy banter was premised on the assumption that I was going to be riding pillion and using the stand to hold music that I would play WHILE SOMEONE ELSE dealt with the actual riding part.

Dear, sheltered chaps – Women also ride.

It’s a great stand for a tenner though.



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5 responses to “Never assume…

  1. Hang in there! And what are you going to do about the 2CV? Buy a new frame?

  2. I barely remember my first folding music stand it served me well from the age of ten through eighteen, then died a long tortured death at the hands of several small cousins. My saxophone fared barely better. A sad old horn I spent more than ten times as much to restore as my parents paid to buy it nearly sixty years ago now. My how time flies.

  3. I’ve got an unused spare you could have had!

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