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RBR planning let down by lack of black ink in printer 😦


Time is short….


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Nikos on pole…!

“First, congratulations to Nikos whose cheque for his Thundersprint cavalcade entry managed to find its way to the far north of Surrey – or Cheshire, as it is known in the argot of the local peasantry – and our esteemed Telegraph blogger is now the proud owner of a place in cavalcade alongside Giacomo Agostini, Jim Redman and Sammy Miller.”

Frank Melling,
also known as Frank on Friday reveals that, though Nikos was a late bloomer in the RBR entry lists, he didn’t hang about when Frank invited all the contributors to Erin Baker’s Daily Telegraph blog to sign up for the Thundersprint cavalade.

My cheque is now heading north. It’s been great fun riding through closed streets in London escorted by the Met – now to give it a go in Northwich!

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Flaming July

Time is short and the water rises…

…please keep your fingers crossed that it will all be over by Saturday so I can get out and bag some more landmarks.


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