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Dam, that’s big.

The lovely thing about travelling is that activities which would be mundane at home become fun and exotic. I can’t imagine Australians find anything particularly inspiring about a visit to Coles. But I have lots of fun in Collie choosing flatbread and fruit and peanut butter, so that I can make picnic lunches while I’m out and save big pub meals for every other day. Compared to the UK, there’s an immense choice of fruit, piled up in big bins in the aisles. The raspberries are frozen in punnets, maybe ready for smoothies? And the bananas look great. I buy some then realise too late that stuffing them in my panniers is not going to be very good for them. I cheat and buy processed cheese slices. My excuse is that it saves me buying a knife. But actually it’s because they’re my Guilty Pleasure. Sitting on a shady bench in Ballingup, a man walks past and makes a joke in German. (At least, I think it’s a joke). Are Germans famous in Australia for making processed cheese roll-ups?

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