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Preparations for the Simmer Dim #2

I have done page 62, Air Cleaner (though I really ought to buy a new one); page 63, Crankcase Breather; page 73, Throttle Operation; and page 100, Cleaning.  I have also had a go at re-gluing the heated grip back onto the throttle (it twists round until it acts as a rev limiter) and trimmed some of the end of the rubber in an attempt to stop it sticking open.

I haven’t done page 64, Engine Oil, because I’ll check levels before we set out next week. I haven’t done page 69, Spark Plugs, because it seems to involve taking half the bike apart; or page 75, Drive Chain, because despite working out I still can’t lift 2Moos onto the centre stand. We’ll get there.

I also haven’t done page 84, Wheel Removal, because I’m not sure how this will help. But I’m reassured that should I need to do this, my Owners Manual has helpful pictures, unlike the BMW one which just said “this should be done by your Authorised BMW Dealer. “

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Mood swings

I try not to plug the computer in before I go to work because I know that I’ll womble off after interesting threads and before I know it Terry Wogan will be introducing Ken Bruce (I’m sorry, something happened when I wasn’t looking and I turned into a Radio 2 listener). But I needed to cheer myself up this morning because the benefits of my hard-won early night were destroyed by the muppet who set the fire alarm off at half past midnight. Given the choice of meeting my neighbours in my bedsocks or burning to death I decided it was a false alarm and went back to sleep, keeping a cautious ear for the sound of crackling. So I woke up a little tetchy. But now, while not quite a ray of sunshine, I am at least a break in the clouds, because my email has told me that I’m finally going to learn some motorcycle maintenance. This has been a longstanding ambition since Sonia told me that if I was going to drive it I had to know how to fix it. I’ve taken some steps along the path – I have half a City and Guilds in motorcycle electrics (I can tell you what’s wrong with your spark but not fix it) and have a full set of spanners (contrary to popular belief) which will finally get a bit greasy. And the best bit is that it’s being taught by Steve and Caz, courtesy of the fine people at HBAM.


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