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There are days I think I have a normal life…

ipad and then I plugged my iPad in to the desktop at work to download a couple of interviews. Judging by my pics, my life is 15 per cent work, 19 per cent dog care, 42 per cent engine fettling, with a side order of knitting wombs and going to see Lee Mead.

At least it’s balanced and diverse!

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Lomaxversary ahoy!


Failed at the first hurdle! I will pretend this is yesterday”s post just held up in the ether. but now I’ve told you and my cover is blown. Curses.

it is almost a year since I bought the Lomax, which means only one thing – insurance time. A slightly worrying text from my current insurer advised me that my horsebox insurance was about to run out. I know it’s slow and I transport livestock in it, but even so!

So Sunday night I compiled my list of Insurers of Unusual Cars, filled in a couple of call-me-back boxes, and Monday morning I left my phone at home.

I got an email that said “we have been unable to reach you by telephone, please call us.” And when I picked up my phone at lunchtime, it turned out to be true. Honest and helpful – surely a prince among insurance companies!

They have a standard geographic number, not an 0800 one, so when they put you on hold it’s not to make money. They only paused slightly when I asked if they could cover me for business use. And it all came in 40 quid cheaper than last year’s quote.

So£, full of win, I came home and scraped all the paint off Hortense’s front wing on the corner of the house. Just to restore the cosmic balance, you understand.

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Manx Terrier


I always feel a terrible fraud attending bike events in a car. Especially when the sun is shining. You can just about get away with it in the winter, but heading to the BMF Show in the grannywagon was a return to the bad old days: of taking a non-riding partner to a social meet; of (whisper) not actually having a licence; of riding a 100cc bike that only managed 45mph downhill.

I was going to take the Lomax but I had so many excuses. The weather forecast was bad so it would be wet. The Citroen Specials Club didn’t have room for it on the stand, so it would be at risk of theft. I might be buying Big Stuff and need a boot.

All of these reasons are bollocks. As a wise friend says, “If you want to, you’ll find a way. If you don’t want to, you’ll find an excuse.”

The truth is that after its bad start I don’t quite trust the Lomax yet. I did my best to compensate with 100 Best Rock Tunes on the grannywagon stereo and the windows down, but it’s really not the same.

It’s not the first BMF Show I have been to in a car (see excuse no. 1 about non-riding partners), but it is the first time I have stayed all weekend on an exhibitors pass.

Friday was mostly anticipation. And bad preparation! I didn’t check where the Citroen Specials Club would be, so an increasingly reluctant Shakey and I wandered round the showground looking for three-wheel cars. We were very envious of the well-prepared bike clubs with their comfy seats and cold beers. In the end we gave in and asked at the organisers office. Classic and Vintage Arena? Well, of course! At least we headed back there in style, whisked along in an electric golf buggy. I may be able-bodied but my dog has three legs and suffers badly with being lazy.

Saturday was more about introductions. I have been following the very talented Michelle Szpak on twitter for a while. She takes amazing portraits of riders and their bikes. I love her work because it’s not just about the technology, it’s about the riders. So it was brilliant to meet her in person and see some of her latest portraits in real life.


Shakey thought it was brilliant to meet lots of people carrying their packed lunches in plastic bags. I am considering setting him up in business as an example of the power of positive thinking. There is simply no doubt in his mind that a man with a sandwich in his bag would love nothing better than to hand it over for devouring. And his belief is rewarded. Every single time.

Which is why he had to sit down rather frequently and get his breath back. He tried to blame the hot weather but he wasn’t fooling anyone.

Sunday was all about conversation. Jim and Ken from the Citroen Specials Club, my hosts for the weekend, were doing splendidly at discussing the benefits of life on three wheels to potential new members. As I’ve only been a member about three months and have only had a working Lomax for about three weeks I felt I had little to add, so on Sunday I relocated to help man the Midlife Classics mobile shop. A prime position in front of the doors, a place to sit and the occasional well-built young chap stripping down to try on a t-shirt all made the time pass far too quickly, and it was lovely to catch up with Mr Midlife Classics, Tim Slaughter, another longstanding twitter friend.

I did wonder a while ago whether the lack of drama in my life was going to lead to terribly dull posts. No-one got locked in anywhere. I didn’t take a wrong turn and have to push my bike through a very large crowd. I didn’t have to ask a passing Polish chap to help me pick my bike off the tarmac. I had a lovely long weekend in the sun catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. And then I took my new Penelope Pitstop helmet home and drove the Lomax, with my fat dog in the passenger seat, to the pub.


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How lovely is this?

How lovely is this?

I asked a Fellow Lomax Owner what size the hoses on the oil cooler were, so I could order new ones online.

He wasn’t sure. Just take the old hoses with you to the place you’re going to get them done, he said.

So I googled, and karma has been incredibly kind.

The lovely Kevin from Pirtek Cambridge has not only sorted my hoses and oil  cooler but fettled large parts of the other parts of the problematic beast. Doesn’t it look awesome?!

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April 18, 2014 · 7:01 pm

New adventures await. How exciting!

RescueDog and I had a lovely day out in Norfolk last weekend.  Having tried the Africa Twin sidecar, and been a bit scared, and eyed up a Ural combination for sale in Wisbech, but been too chicken to go and try it out, and despite the offer of a Velorex sidecar to attach to my Triumph, we have gone down a different path.
The RBR, and other navigational rallies like the English and the Welsh, are open to three-wheelers as well as outfits.
Some people like to do them in Plastic Pigs.
Other people like to do them in a Lomax. On a cloudy day, and without your specs on, you might take a Lomax for a Morgan, but it is one-tenth of the price and, more importantly, built on the running gear and engine from a 2CV.
I know 2CVs. I am much less scared of the idea of travelling in a 2CV-derived skateboard than a ditch-devoted piece of Ukranian ironmongery.
This Lomax was destined to be ours. One of my RBR friends was given a classic car magazine by her dad. She flicked through it, she spotted an ad for a Lomax. It was February’s edition, so well out of date. I made a not-very-hopeful phone call. Yes, still for sale, yes, please do come and have a look. It is in a village on the edge of the Norfolk Broads.
So on Saturday, RescueDog and I got into our GrannyWagon and set off east.

The Broads mean only one thing to me – Arthur Ransome. While the Blacketts and the Walkers sail in the Lake District, Dick and Dorothea have their main adventures in and around Horning. When I was young I wanted to be Dorothea – brave, loyal, cheerful, and devoted to writing stories, having gentle adventures and challenging wrong-doing. Like Clark Kent, but with a cup of tea and a pony tail.  There aren’t many role models for girls in glasses who want to be writers, but she was one.

It is a very blue Lomax – fortunately for RescueDog  sufficiently blue to deter a previous viewer. We have bought it, and are off to collect it tomorrow.
We hope for many adventures.


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