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#29in29: Kangaroo!

This is a picture of the Stirling Range, taken from the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk. When I was planning this trip, I wanted to camp in the Stirling Range national park, but that would have needed a bike I could take on gravel. And a tent. So I thought I would settle for making a loop through on the tourist route before having my overnight in Albany. The mountains did that mysterious mountain trick of never seeming to get any nearer, and the voice in my head that likes to undermine me kept telling me I had bitten off more than I could chew, and that I should give up this ambition and head straight for the Motel in preparation for the long haul back to Perth. It shut up when we rounded a corner to see a great big kangaroo, hopping away from the road. Just the one, but one was enough. I’d seen an emu crashing through the trees beside the Peter Brock memorial, though I’d failed to appeciate it fully because one of the Blue Knights was telling me all about the crash and the subsequent investigation while I was trying to figure out Telstra voicemail because I’d missed a call.

In possession of the full set of Australian heraldic beasts, but no longer in possession of my wash bag, I decided it would be no defeat to leave the mountains hanging in the distance and to come back for them another trip.

According to the website of Interesting Kangaroo Facts, kangaroos cannot move backwards. Nor can emus. They are animals dedicated to making progress, which is why they are on the coat of arms of a young nation. This fact also makes them perfect biker mascots.


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