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Photos from the Unity Ride

As has become traditional, dawn broke on the Unity Ride to the sound of rainfall. After a bit of armtwisting and the loan of my waterproofs, my pillion agreed to be undeterred by the thought of a swift London soaking and consented to make the trip round the North Circular to the Excel car park. Unlike Kill Spills, I didn’t see many other bikes on the way and thought, maybe it will be a wash-out – but London bikers are made of sterner stuff and the East Car Park was full of slightly soggy riders, and Pudsey Bear.

The organisers had put together a great route kicking off with the Dome, past Monument, a quick lap of Parliament Square and back up the Strand to St Paul’s and Tower Bridge. This is a large part of my usual London beat but it is so much better when accompanied by a large number of the Met’s finest keeping over-assertive car drivers under control!

Lots of waving from the pavements, and lots of mobile phones being held up to capture the event – makes me wonder what the tourists will say when they get home. Maybe they will describe London as a city of bikers. Would be nice if it were true! (and maybe a few more of the potholes would get filled in.)

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Unity Ride 2007


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