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#29in29: Looking for the Big Apple

While on my tour I hoped to bag four Big Things: the Big Ram, the Big Double Helix; the Big Orange and the Big Apple. Nato, Our Man in Harvey, said the Big Orange was no more so it wasn’t bagged on the 2nd. On the 3rd I had high hopes of bagging the Big Apple in Donnybrook. The town is a tribute to all things pomonan, from the shape of the street lamps to the names of the shops. There’s an Apple Fun Park, The Apple Basket Cafe, and The Big Apple Bakery. I found all of these places but I didn’t find a 60ft tower with a fibreglass apple on top. You’d have thought it was difficult to miss. I could have asked a local, but that would have interrupted my peaceful contemplation of an excellent iced coffee. With cream and ice cream.

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