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Objects of desire (no, not the Harley)

The universe keeps putting tempation in my way. When I took Ruby in for her service they were selling BMW Winter jackets at 25% off. I haven’t bought a new winter jacket since 1997 so bird-maths means that it will only cost me about 20 quid a year. Plus I canvassed opinion at work and got a full house in favour of purchase. So now I have a very lovely red jacket to match my red bike, but it does have that rather squeaky new feeling about it.

This morning I opened my copy of Camping & Caravanning at the back page (doesn’t everyone?) to find a review of the tentipi safir. It’s a proper tipi. You can stand up in it; you can hang your clothes on a drying rail, they sell stoves that you can light in the middle of it (inside!); and accessories include reindeer hide for lounging on and double-headed throwing axes. How can I possibly resist buying one? (actually, the price will probably prove an insurmountable obstacle – cracking on for a grand, that’s an awful lot of camping needed to make that economic…)


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The club for me…

Preparing for the 6 points, I’ve taken the slightly terrifying step of joining the Campaing and Caravanning Club. They wrote today to tell me about their special interest groups – and there’s one with my name on it: The Association of Lightweight Campers

On further inspection it is sadly not for those people who would like to camp only when the sun is shining and within easy reach of a fine espresso, but only for those who don’t own trailer tents.


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