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Gentlemen, start your engines

I’ve moaned a lot about having moved away from London, but I have found the one (OK, there might be more than one but this is today’s) advantage – for the first time ever, I’ve been able to leave work on Day 1 of the RBR, bag a LM and get home in time for tea. In fact, if I’d been less tubby I could have had tea in the fine-looking hostelry just down the road but I have had to swear off chips for a bit otherwise I’ll be buying new riding gear in a more comfortable size. Planning is not my forte at the moment, I left the Zumo in the car, and my baglux map case is still at my dad’s having been removed by Phil the BMW repair man last summer – so I had to try my own MemoryMap and returned to my traditional chant of “have I gone too far? I’d better turn round. No, hang on, I think this is OK…no, I’ve gone too far. I’d better turn into this road and turn round. Oh look – this is the right road. Wonder if the camera’s going to work today?” Yes, there is a reason I don’t ride with an ipod in – it’s noisy enough in my head already.


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Helpful advice from Baglux

“Soft luggage is designed to carry normal motorcyclists’ requirements eg waterproofs, tyre repair kit, small tools….it is not designed to carry full loads of tinned food or drink, house bricks.”

Step forward all those foolhardy Baglux customers who’ve been attempting to transport a gross of Accrington Red…


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Bagged up and ready

It was almost a sunny day today so there were no more excuses for putting off wrestling with the Baglux harness.

Armed with photos and instructions, toolkit, hot boiler cupboard, tea towel, G & D’s thermos mug full of coffee and some Mer miracle polish, I can report that Ruby is now safely strapped up and ready to hit the road.

Big thanks to Melvina at Baglux for sending me some GS-specific instructions, and to talonfs from UKGS’er.com, who took photos of his GS so I could see where the straps were supposed to attach. The secret, it turned out, lies in removing the side panels first.

There are two morals in this story:-

The first is, ask for help sooner rather than later .

The second is, sometimes life is easier if you take your kit off 😉


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Rhythm and Blues

Ruby and I are struggling to find our rhythm. If this was a new relationship we’d be at the stage where, instead of locking lips you bump noses, and instead of sliding elegantly under the sheets for some well-deserved Sherlocking you accidentally knee your partner in the gnarly parts, but those few, elusive moments when it all comes together make it worth persevering.

Today has been a classic demonstration that my mood affects my motor skills. Under the blue, if baltic, skies in the morning we had a fantastic time dodging the hazards in Hackney, doing an (almost feet up) u-ey to go south instead of north on the A10 having got turned round in the Home Zone, and cruising the deserted City. In the evening, large parts of North London snarled to a halt (I think Arsenal are playing). Every gap closed as I headed into it, the gearbox refused to slip into first and we kangarooed our way away from the lights in 2nd gear to the smell of burning clutch. Particular curses and opprobium on the Arthur Daley impersonator, who, when I backed away from attempting to squeeze between his beat-up Jag and a white van to my right, opened his door and ostentatiously checked for scratches on his paintwork. Both barrels of the Touratech spots to you, mate!

Then on the last corner before home we had a lairy moment on a manhole cover. Three cheers to the off-road day: I stuck my foot out, gave it some throttle (probably exceeding my 4k run-in ceiling) and we fishtailed our way back to balance.

The indicators are still giving me grief. A warning to London GS riders – if you see someone staring intently at your right hand, they’re not mistakenly trying to work out your marital status, it’s me, trying to see how other people approach this Gordian knot.

And I had forgotten how damn hard it is to attach a Baglux tank harness – hence the undignified lash-up shown in the pic! At least the duffel is colour-co-ordinated. If anyone’s done this for a 2007 GS, please send me some tips!


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Easily pleased

Santa has come early. I have of course been a good girl this year so he has brought me a Baglux tank harness. This means that until I have saved up the arm and the leg required for my metal mule luggage I at least have somewhere to stow camera and spare knickers.

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