If it’s Monday it must be the Oily Smudges Silhouette Quiz

Mondays are for nerdery. If your appetite for niche quizzes remains unsated by the magnificent Only Connect and its dowdier sisters, Mastermind and University Challenge, you need the Oily Smudges Silhouette Quiz in your life.

Tonight’s Twitter-based challenge will be the 178th – for yes, it started in the Before Times. But it’s one of the bright spots breaking up the petty pace of the lockdown week.

Readers, for the first 170 rounds I was baffled. One Universal Japanese Motorcycle looks much like another to me. Nuances of round vs square mirrors or tail tidies were for people with every back issue of Practical Sportsbike organised and indexed in their mancaves.

Then about 8 weeks ago I finally got my moment on the A-List. For Silhouette number 171 was an MZ.

But it wasn’t an ETZ250 because it didn’t have spoked wheels.

And it wasn’t an ETZ251 because although the tank was a match they don’t have the engine slung in a frame like that.

Clue by clue I wrestled it down and got my DM from Stuart admitting me to the winner’s circle.

Have a go, it’s brilliant fun.

(I still can’t do it for real bikes.)


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5 responses to “If it’s Monday it must be the Oily Smudges Silhouette Quiz

  1. Love motorbikes
    Love a quiz.
    I bet I would be rubbish at it, however. Because I am, with such things.
    But, as I don’t do social media, we’ll never know.

  2. I used to know cars from the shape of their headlights (in the very olden days before Pontius got his pilots licence). I’d be reasonable on 50s, 60s, 70s bikes, but after that I’d be absolutely rubbish. I do like a quiz though. I hear of various people who have set up Teams/Skype/Zoom quizzes. And there are a couple of quizzers on the Twitter. I just don’t have the time to join in though and that’s a bit sad.

    • highwaylass

      I used to love a pub quiz, in the Old Days, but I’m that embarrassing person who gets a bit over competitive and starts complaining if people don’t get both halves of an answer perfectly correct.

      I also like a good board game – the London Game used to be my specialty, 10 years of commuting in the capital gave me an advantage.

  3. Was it one of the post-iron curtain MZs? Didn’t Kanuni make a 301cc 2-stroke, and then MuZ stuck a 500cc Rotax engine in the old frame. I had one of their Silver Stars, which was a lovely 500cc bike that was retro before there even was any retro.

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