Things that I miss

Don’t worry, the Wingman is still fine. But his days are finite and one of the things he and I both love the most is camping, either solo or with friends. He loves new places to sniff and new grass to widdle on, and most of all he loves to meet new people and try to persuade them to give him their bacon. We did get away a couple of times last year in the brief window when campsites were allowed to operate, but we went in the camper as Yorkshire is too far for a 250cc MZ and the big K was still being rebuilt.

Of all the things I hope for this year I hope that camping will be allowed again – proper camping where you aren’t expected to bring your own loo, because that’s really difficult on a motorcycle.


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5 responses to “Things that I miss

  1. With you all the way here. We bought a caravan a year ago, immediately before lockdown, just because we decided that all holidays will include the dogs. The year before last we took the then 6-month old puppy camping in Cornwall. She loved it. And so did we, to be fair. But with the arrival of a second pupper (and the first pupper puncturing one of the airbeds), we went the caravan route. We all hope that we are able to jump back into small breaks here and there and another bigger holiday in Cornwall (again) in the caravan. We’ve all experienced a couple of weekends away in the last year, but we are really looking forward to a longer holiday.

    • highwaylass

      In an act of misplaced kindness, the powers that be have awarded us 2 weeks off over Easter. Looks like that will be an actual staycation (and not this appalling new interpretation where Staycation means “holiday in the UK). 2 weeks used to be enough for a quick LEJOG.

  2. Haven’t camped for years, but always used to enjoy it.
    Cheddar Gorge on the back of a CB400 brings back both fond and scary memories.
    But best camping was in the world’s flimsiest tent, attached to my GPz750, watching the racing in Le Mans.
    Large amounts of alcohol may have been involved.
    In all cases.

    • highwaylass

      In my early 2CV days there was a large gathering and road run through Cheddar Gorge.p with camping at one end. Must have been quite the sight.

  3. I used to live a stone’s throw from Cheddar Gorge; I nearly came unstuck when I was *ahem* negotiating the Gorge and almost got taken out by an oncoming motorist who didn’t know the bends as well as I did. Scary.

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