“Is there a technique to pushing this button?”

I have the flu. Too unwell to do anything that requires serious concentration, well enough to be bored stiff. To add insult to injury I have the flu in someone else’s house, because I am still a lodger despite trying to buy a house a month for the last six months.

What can an ill person do when they’re trying to be unobtrusive, and especially when their landlady’s electrician bellows ‘so what’s your lodger like, then?’ from the other side of your door.

Headphones seemed a good idea. So did podcasts. Armed with a list of recommendations from twitter friends, I figured I’d start with a dead cert – Chasing the Horizon, featuring Sam Manicom.

You probably already know that Sam is one of the friendliest stars in the overland galaxy. He gave me great advice when I was planning my Australia tour, and while he’s always ready with a welcome and a word when I see him at shows and events, I feel guilty because time chatting to me is time not making new converts or selling copies of his books.

So what a treat to be able to listen to Sam in conversation with Wes Fleming for just over an hour. Gently self-deprecating, Sam drinks tea and tells stories against himself – no Lone Hero Triumphing Over Adversity ego here!

Wes is a great host, and guides the conversation from the day Sam turned up to collect a brand-new Libby and was stumped by the absence of a kick-start – a feeling I remember well in making the shift from my own kick-start L-bike to a 600cc four-stroke with twin exhausts and an electric starter! – to his recent crash and broken arm.

Without being preachy, Sam reminds us that every ride is a good ride, and everyone on two wheels is part of the brilliant biker community.

I love that a man who has ridden quarter of a million miles still sees value in an everyday commute or a ride to the shops. If riding is feeling like a chore at the moment, or if you’re struggling on your L-plates and wondering if it’s really worth it, I thoroughly recommend finding a comfy chair, a cup of tea, and giving Sam and Wes 60 minutes of your time.

Find Chasing the Horizon here: http://www.bmwmoa.org/page/podcast

And Sam here: http://www.sam-manicom.com/


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