When worlds collide

imageI am capable of standing in a motor factors and selecting the right spark plugs for a variety of engines. But it would seem I am no longer capable of choosing a foundation without experiencing the blind panic of Father Ted in a lingerie department.

I am going to a Posh Dinner on Saturday. Fortunately the Posh Frock still fits, and I have no doubt of its poshness since I bought it in Marlow to go to a dinner with the Lord Mayor of London at the Mansion House. But I haven’t had to wear a full face for about 18 months.

I used to wear the works every day, because the day I didn’t was the day the BBC would request a motoring spokesperson to say ‘something must be done’ in front of a camera every half hour until the news agenda rolled on. That doesn’t happen these days. And I spend a lot more time outdoors so I couldn’t just buy my old colour and run away.

A kind lady in a white coat on the Clinique stand took pity on me and now I have a full Girl Kit again. The last time I bought a full kit, I tested it out in the Groucho Club. This weekend it’s for an outing of Eastern Bloc vehicles. I’d say exotica but I think that might not be correct. Anyway, that’s three stealth boasts in one post so I will stop now.

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