Goodbye, Blake

B7-Logo1I was very sad to read the news today that Gareth Thomas, star of Blake’s 7, has passed away.

I adored Blake’s 7 growing up. Looking back at it now, thanks to the miracle of YouTube, although the sets were wobbly the storylines were crafted from steel.

Star Trek had good guys and bad guys, and you could tell the difference from their eyeliner.

Blake’s 7 had good men who did bad things out of weakness, and bad men who did good things if it served their interests. It had strong female characters, and one of the most badass villainesses of all time.

Watching it as a child I learnt important lessons. The Government isn’t always on your side. The security forces aren’t always the good guys. Justice can be manipulated.

And as @keepof4worlds said when trying to answer the question, “Is it like Star Trek?”

In a deeply dystopian future, the galaxy is ruled by a Federation that is totalitarian and uses mind-controlling drugs to pacify its population. A group of criminals, led by a revolutionary accused of paedophilia in order to discredit him, acquire a powerful alien star ship and begin a campaign to fight back, with declining degrees of success. Only in the Britain of the 1970s would this be considered suitable viewing for kids at 7pm


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