Running with the big dogs

_1040314Before the Annual Rally Start Event, there’s the Itch, because cabin fever starts to bite something chronic by March and we need to get together and bitch about why the clues haven’t been issued yet.

The Itch happens at the Long Itch Diner, which these days is about 30 minutes down the road from me. I was all set to go in the Trabi, for complex reasons involving roadworks and not being able to get out of my drive, but it turns out that council workers don’t like the idea of digging up the road at 7.30 am on a Sunday any more than the rest of us do, so at 8.45 I was jumpstarting the Lomax and fears of a heavy fog in the Warwickshire area were alleviated.

It turns out that the first Sunday of the month is Hot Rod day at the diner. I sneaked in between two giant US-styled pickups and had a lovely chat with a couple of the hotrodders about 2CV-based kit cars while waiting for the Round Britain Rally Impatient Squadron   to turn up.  It was kind of chilly so Shakey is rocking the granny-blanket look.





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