If you build it, it will run*



So, another summer has been spent with the Lomax engine in bits! Schoolboy error really, I should have replaced the exhaust studs last year when the heads were off being fettled at Ivor Searle’s Engines of Excellence, but they seemed OK at the time. Winter was not kind, and the corrugated roads of the Welsh hills finished them off. Fortunately Badders and Self were on hand to jerry-rig a repair, but back home in the garage the dedicated application of heat and penetrating oil did absolutely bugger-all to get them out. So, off with his head(s) again and they were drilled and restudded by Pete in Hereford.

My beginners luck ran out and something went Clunk when I was setting the valve clearances. Then the engine wouldn’t start, so I checked my compression. Left pot, 150psi. Right pot, just shading 100. Ouch, said Boffin. Sounds like you have bent a valve.

Off with his head. Again. Replacement valve ordered, valve spring compressor bought because the one I bought last year (after giving Boffin his back) doesn’t fit the unique mouldings of a 2CV head. Even though I bought it from a Well Known German 2CV specialist! I don’t suppose they’ll give me a refund after a year, will they?

Valve replaced, heads back on, manifold reattached, timing checked. Oops. The reason the engine wasn’t starting was nothing to do with the valves, it was because I’d left the wire to the condenser off. Strangely, sticking that back on made a big difference!

I am no longer followed round by a smell of petrol. This is good. I attribute this to finally being able to replace the float and gasket in the Solex, made possible by @BiviBag_ADV’s kind gift of a workbench and vice.

We are not idling terribly happily and occasionally spitting back through the carb. This is less good.

We sound bloody fantastic the rest of the time though.

I have three weeks of leave over the next two months. One week to tool gently around the south west, to make sure everything is OK. Two weeks to get up to Scotland and do the North Coast 500.

The car that I drive? I built it.  Twice.




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