“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

P1010631 ScooterBob has joined me in a wee tipple to celebrate passing my 6-month probation at work.

Apparently my opening quote is from Seneca, the Roman philosopher. I feel very lucky to be able to call myself a professional journalist.

Although I try to fool  myself into thinking I can learn to rebuild engines, or play the harmonia in a blues band, or ride a motorcycle, the truth is that I am a writer.

I am lucky to be in my job, but I have taken a lot of steps to get here, from starting my blog  eight years ago, to asking for work experience at RiDE, and pitching for freelance commissions on camping magazines and the Sunday papers.

I lost a few people along the way. That’s why it’s just me and ScooterBob celebrating.

I gained a lot more than I lost, though. And that’s another reason why ScooterBob is helping me to celebrate.  The enormous privilege of being a writer is that someone halfway round the world can read your words, feel them resonate, and maybe even make a comment back. And when you’re just starting out, for someone like Bob to leave kind comments means the world.

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