A Triumph for ScooterBob


Werner the WohnWagen lives in Meriden. I went to collect him on Saturday morning, with ScooterBob along for the ride, and I thought, I know, I will show Bob where the Triumph Meriden works used to be. The memorial stone was an RBR landmark three years ago and I knew I would be passing it.

And, just like three years ago, I couldn’t find the bloody thing. So we trundled off to our caravan rally, had a lovely time, and I phoned a friend to remind me where it was.

Sometimes I forget that we bikers are not like other people. I can think of no better tribute to a life than to have a worldwide net of friends engaged in something as wonderfully creative as Bob’s blog.

But when he arrived in his travelling box in the office, people looked at me blankly or in complete bafflement when I explained why I had been sent a beautiful wooden scooter. I’m just very sad that I can’t take him on anything genuinely bikey in the short time I have him. I will do my best.

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One response to “A Triumph for ScooterBob

  1. Scooterbob certainly doesn’t mind the means of transport, as long as it is in good company, gets some good food and the occasional glimpse of a pair of Crocs or a bare foot 😉

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