ScooterBob has come to visit.

IMG_1387 It’s my turn to host ScooterBob. Sadly we won’t be going on many adventures as once again the Lomax requires surgery. The Interesting Welsh Roads proved too much for my exhaust, though overall the engine held out really well.

I hope that Bob won’t mind keeping me company while I try and get the exhaust studs out of the manifold. He was always very encouraging with his comments on my posts during last year’s top end rebuild saga.

He will be coming on a camping weekend with me this weekend and I hope to show him some of Coventry’s finest sights next week. We have Ted Simon’s motorcycle in our Transport Museum and I think Bob would like to see it.

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One response to “ScooterBob has come to visit.

  1. brian

    the interesting welsh roads may have done for your exhaust and put Doogle in a ditch but with a little help the Lomax bravely managed a silver

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