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Frank Melling is one of my favourite people in the whole world. He was kind about my blog when I was just a wannabe writer.  He invited me to ride alongside gods like Sammy Miller and Jim Redman in the Thundersprint Cavalcade.  When he gave up his Frank on Friday slot on the Telegraph Motoring Blog he put a word in on my behalf and I became Highwaylass on Monday, the first step on my journey to professional journalist.

When my idiot boyfriend got himself locked inside a chemical plant car park at the Thundersprint, and made it my responsibility to get him out, Frank would have been utterly within his rights to remind me that he had one of the UK’s biggest motorcycle events to run and rescuing someone from the consequences of his own arrogance was not high on his To Do list. He didn’t. He was kind and patient and helped get hold of the man with the key.

So when an email arrived announcing that Frank had turned the first part of his life story into a book there was no doubt that I would buy it.

You should buy it too.

It’s about motorcycles. It’s about growing up in England’s industrial North West, where I also started. It’s about the joy of reading.  It’s about becoming a successful freelance journalist, a trade I’m still learning. And perhaps most importantly, it’s about becoming a successful human being.   Frank writes “I am always looking to the next day – not worrying about the past, which can’t be fixed no matter how hard you try.”

In fact, it is essential that you buy this book, because Frank says he won’t publish the next one until these are all sold. And I need to read the rest of the story!

PS Did I make it clear enough that you can Buy The Book Here?

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