Lady motorcyclists on a quest to discover ‘real beauty’

My heart sank a bit. The photo in the news story announcing the link-up between L’équipée Girls, Marie Claire and Dove showed a fully-made up lady rider in a snood so big it would have flapped up and covered her face – which was behind an open face lid with bubble-glass visor, so that we could truly appreciate her beauty.

But I looked a bit closer at some of their photos from their ride in Brazil and they’re real bikers. Last year they rode the Himalayas. When not posing for publicity pics they’re in overalls and boots. Clearly they have been getting fashion tips from Austin Vince.

It’s a shame that it’s still seen as subversive to suggest that not all bikers are bearded, fat and hairy (just me, ha ha) but it’s great to see more bikers in mainstream media.

Guy Martin’s recent series exploring India was compelling TV. Paul Hollywood even posted a pic of Mary Berry on a Ducati on his twitter feed recently.

Slowly we’re taking over….


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