I wore my 44 so long

I have dropped out of the habit of blogging and a pedlar of mystic herbal cures has moved into my vacated URL at Blogger. It could have been worse. I hope that people who search for a blog about motorcycles and three-legged dogs realise that isn’t me – but because I am not posting, I am slipping down the ranks of Popular Search Engines.

This is the rather selfish motive for joining in with #28daysofwriting.

There are other reasons. I had huge fun with my challenge to post every day about my Australian adventure, but that was three years ago and those laurels are getting rather crumpled.  I have moved house and changed jobs, and these things have bumped writing out of my routine.

For three months I was technically homeless. I had places to stay. Some were scary, some had wheels, some were lovely. But it takes an immense amount of psychic energy to remain positive in the face of living out of a suitcase and borrowing other peoples’ washing machines. I was very lucky, I knew that there was a new home in my very near future and all I had to do was hang on. I have learnt humility. I have been guilty of being one of those people who wonder why ‘the poor’ can’t cook healthy and cheap meals. Now I know. In a shared kitchen other people help themselves to the plates you have washed up *while you are standing in the kitchen about to serve up onto them.* Of course you can’t lovingly slow-cook a cheap joint of meat and create a variety of healthy broths and stews.  The Chinese postgrad in the conservatory will come out and nab it off your serving spoon.  Or the cat will be sick into it.

I am home now. The house and I are getting to know each other. Shakey is mapping out the neighbourhood in ever-increasing circles when we go on our twice-daily walks.   The Lomax needs a new battery and to have the plaster dust washed off, but once that is done we should be ready for adventure. Which will give me more to write about than self-pity and stress.

Here’s to March!

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One response to “I wore my 44 so long

  1. Leigh

    I hope Shakey’s circles aren’t a result of the 3 legs!

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