I have bread* and I have wine

It has been an interesting 2 months. Shakey and I have lived in a caravan on the front drive of a house full of slightly odd but generally kind people; we got promoted to live indoors, but the downside of that was that the room was about 6 feet by 4 feet and we got rather claustrophobic. We went on a winter tour of the UK in a borrowed de-luxe motorhome – what a shame to give that one back! – we nearly moved in with a landlord who sees dead people, but got cold feet and decided that it would be better that the dead were left in peace. We lived with friends in the newly-proclaimed Caliphate of Birmingham; we lived in another caravan, one that had electricity and running water this time, and now we are living in our new house, except that we will have to move out again next week to let the sparkies in to rewire it.  The bike is here, Hortense is here and next week the Lomax will be here. All is well.

*pizza, to be precise.

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  1. Happy new home to all of you, 2/3/4 wheeled/legged! X

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