Exploring new territory

Shakey in his Lomax

Rather against my expectations, the Lomax sailed through its MOT, so I thought I would go for broke and have another go at tackling its unwillingness to idle. I changed the slow running jet for the spare which had come out of Hortense, and which to the naked eye looked identical, and the Lomax stopped running altogether. This was not the intended outcome.

Further investigation revealed that despite SuperKevin’s fuel filter, the carburettor was once again full of black goo.

How much oil is it using? asked my crack support team of Badders and Self. It was a bloody a good job they asked, because the answer was All of the Oil. I filled it up, and headed for Hayfield, where a lovely time was had, including a brief excursion to the Cat and Fiddle to catch up with Nikos. Heading home from Hayfield, we ground to a halt on an unacceptable number of occasions, including in the right turn lane at a busy set of traffic lights, so it is clear that Something Must Be Done.

Uncharted territory approaches.

The Internet suggests that excessive oil consumption is either piston rings, or valve seals. Given that changing the valve seals involves removing the cylinder heads it seems sensible to do both.

Second-hand heads are on their way from Classic 2CV recycling. New barrels are on the way from Germany. I have a workshop manual, I have the Haynes Book of Lies and I have a loan of Boffin’s valve spring compressor.

And I have my right hand in a splint following a flare-up of carpal tunnel problems.

This post is brought to you by Dragon Naturally Speaking.  Voice recognition software is as tedious and tiring as it was in 2001, the last time I had to give up typing completely. I am ungrateful, but I recognise that without this technology I would not be able to work at all. Wrangling with rusted-on fasteners and fiddling with springs and collets will have to wait until things are improved.

If I leave the garage door open Shakey runs in and jumps into his passenger seat. I think it is a hint, but if he needs the job done more quickly, he will have to help hold the spanners.


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