One step forward, two steps back


The Lomax is not wholly well. It likes to cut out when you come off the throttle. This is not very safe.

I followed instructions given to me on Facebook. I replaced the points and condenser and set the static timing.

I tackled the valve clearances, which involved taking the rocker covers off the cylinder heads and putting them back on without causing the engine to spring a leak. 

I fitted a new engine breather from Silly CVs, to keep the oil inside the crankcase rather than on the garage floor.

After all this effort, the car sounded much more like a 2CV than previously and ran much better. We had a small but triumphant test drive, in which Shakey got fed salami, to make up for his last trip out in which he got stung on the bottom by a bee. We had a longer test drive yesterday to Pirtek to see about getting new hoses for the oil cooler. The car behaved impeccably, until the traffic lights on the way back to the village when it cut out and refused to start again until cooler.

Now things are back to square one, or possibly worse than before. I have been advised to swop the coil. There are so many things that could be wrong.

I also need to tackle an oil leak from the place where the cylinder head meets the barrel. 

I suppose none of these things are difficult, but because I don’t have a welding set or a workshop I feel I have no business taking an engine to pieces, and all the problems mean I can’t get out an about with Shakey like I wanted to.

Not yet, anyway. 

I am taking it step by step. Two lovely chaps at Pirtek are fitting a new oil cooler, because the one on there is buggered, and will relocate the coil for me to a cooler spot. Perhaps that will be enough.

We did get our first RBR Landmark of 2014. Shakey is looking very resigned to his kit-car fate in the photo, which hopefully abides by the rules by not giving away any location information!

I wonder whether people buy kit cars, struggle to get them working well, and sell them on after a few years? I tell myself that there is no reason it should not run properly and well. I have knowledgeable friends. I am really good at following instructions. 

One step at a time, and maybe by autumn we will be ready for 2015!




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2 responses to “One step forward, two steps back

  1. HWL:

    You are more adept than me but I’m thinking it could be something as simple as the idle adjust is too low and the engine is starving for petrol when you release the throttle. Have you tried to not release it all the way back and see if the engine manages to stay “ON” ? I think it is a fuel issue
    but then again, what do I know

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

  2. highwaylass

    I think it probably is but everyone said to make sure everything that could be adjusted was correct before tackling the carb.

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