I can see clearly now…

It’s still raining in the flatlands. I think the end of my house is falling off, failing to cope with the land on which we stand slowly becoming a kind of gritty soup.

But I can see clearly because I have finally had to shell out for a new visor.

I’ve seen the world through full-time specs since the age of about 9, and one of the things it teaches you to live with (if you are cack-handed, as I am, and prone to wiping your glasses on a corner of your jumper instead of special lens cloth, as I do) is to look through scratches and scuffs without letting them annoy you.

My lid has been getting more and more scuffed as it lives in a Metal Mule topbox during the day, and sometimes I catch it on the lock pulling it out at home time.  It creates an interesting Top of the Pops 1970’s starburst effect in the evenings, but it was endurable.

The two-inch crack that I inflicted dropping it off my seat when I was trying to find my keys in the rain felt like a step too far, though.

So I have coughed the best part of a hundred quid for a new visor and pinlock inner, and after a bit of help from the lovely chaps at BikeStop in Stevenage, the world is transformed.

Maybe I should buy some new specs too….


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3 responses to “I can see clearly now…

  1. The question is: How many lids has one got in the loft, all with scratched visors or with the shiny tints that were fashionable back in the 80's but now frowned on by the law?

    Also, why one buys a helmet with a flash name logo for £750 when one can buy a perfectly-fitting Duchini D505 for £23.99 from Ghostbikes which gives you lovely fresh air and the same head-on protection (but obviously not for the chin)?

    It's funny that there are some bikers out there who really believe that they will somehow be more immune from brain damage if their head hits a brick wall or car door above 30mph with their much more expensive helmet on. But physics is physics and their brain damage will be the same!

    Back to scratches, I've got a small scratch on my lid, not directly in the line of sight, which I could rub out with Fenwick's Windowise Scratch Remover For Plastic Acrylic Windows. The only thing is, it takes ages to do, usually at least 30 minutes rubbing to make a very fine scratch disappear. Hmm…

    The trouble is, I can't get a new visor for this HJC anymore. So, it's either that or forking out yet more dosh for a new lid with a shiny clear, new visor!

    Oh, bother…

  2. HWL:

    I usually purchase a new visor every year, and a new cheap helmet every two years. I worry more about the sweat than vision.

    I may have scratches but then again I can't see them for all the dirt and road grime.

    hope your house doesn't slip away

    Riding the Wet Coast

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