Cargo Cult Science

Dog appears to be carrying out an experiment. I make him sit down before he gets his tea, because I think manners are important. He’s now sitting down at random moments on the same spot to see whether food appears.


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2 responses to “Cargo Cult Science

  1. HL:

    Maybe he is hungry or thirsty. Or perhaps it's tea time and you were too busy to notice

    Merry Christmas

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. You need to ascertain whether a “Conditioned Stimulus” (CS) is paired with an “Unconditioned Stimulus” (US) that causes a nice doggy to exhibit an automatic “Unconditioned Response” (UR). Good luck and Aldi sell good value dog treats. Merry christmas to you both and see you at “Darley Dale” (DD).

    TTFN Xs

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