Empty Road, Evening Sun

I am going an A Big Adventure soon. I am excited about it but I am worried as well, because I will have to keep up with people who ride motorcycles for a living, and that has not always been my strength. I can keep up with couriers in the city, but dodging the sheep on tiny countryside twisties gives me The Fear.

Fears are for facing and overcoming, as far as possible. There seems little point in panicking about things it is in my power to improve.

So for the first time in a long time I went out on my bike to practice.

I live in the Flatlands where the roads tend to be straight and level, with the occasional 90 degree corner to keep you awake. But there are about three bends a few miles from my house, and I went out to ride them in a low gear and kick the habit of looking at the corner and braking into it.

It seemed very easy until my mind wandered off into practicing a conversation I needed to have today. Then the bends went to pot. So I conclude that it isn’t only men that can’t multitask. And I also conclude that the challenge might not be riding. It might be concentrating.



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3 responses to “Empty Road, Evening Sun

  1. Look at my friend Nige's video:

    What helps me is to plan for the bend after the next bend (if you follow me!).

    XS N

  2. HWL:

    Try this, slow down before the bend while you are still on the straight stretch, gear down and then when you lean a bit into the corner, throttle a teeny, bit.

    Your bike will be more stable and you will find that the little teeny bit of power will make you faster

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. I watched that the other day! I think I'm slightly better than the trainee. Might be wrong though…..

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