Give it up for Lent!

I have, of late, lost all my mirth. So I am going to go on a quest for it this Lent. Lent starts tomorrow with pancakes, which are undoubtedly a Good Thing, and ends at Easter with the Annual Rally Start Event, which is also a good thing, though where it will be remains a mystery at present, and participating will require me to buy at least two new batteries.

In between there are 40 days, in which it is traditional to give things up. The Pope has already shown the way by giving up being Pope, which seems to be taking things a little far.

I think I have already given enough things up. I am going to try taking things up instead. I would like to do things that make me happy, but apart from eating pancakes and riding motorcycles I am not sure what those things might be any more.

So I am going to devote Lent to trying things to see if I enjoy them. There are constraints on this quest. Things can’t be expensive, illegal or life-threatening. But I think that still leaves scope.

If you’d like to nominate something for me to try, you would be very welcome.


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4 responses to “Give it up for Lent!

  1. lol, excellent! yippers, i just learned THE pope could quit too. wow, times are a changin, lol. so i say; follow his lead and mix shit up! 😉

    are you crafty? musical? a foodie? or green thumb perhaps?

  2. I'm not sure I can suggest anything, as I don't know what you have already tried and rejected, but the principle is a sound one. In a place I used to work long ago, we ran a Philistines' Club. We would put in a certain amount each week (50p, which shows you how long ago it was) and when we had enough we woould organise an outing to something no-one would ever have thought of attending on their own – ballet, opera, horse-racing and so on. If anyone had any expertise, they would act as a kind of 'coach' to the others, but mostly it was the blind leading the blind. We had some great times. Sometimes just surprising yourself can be very healthy.

  3. If you have some form of recording device, why not try collecting a random sound a day? Or pick a word at random that you have to try to shoehorn into at least one conversation that day? Or try to take the daftest photo you can of somewhere that you go each day… My sister once made calendars for her friends' Xmas presents composed of bad photos of Dundee she had taken. Everyone asked her to do it again the next year…
    Not sure that those ideas are much help, but they are all free…

  4. Dar

    I don't think I could give up waffles, I received a waffle iron for Christmas and it is my thing now. We have them almost every weekend and if the pope can give up poping then I am keeping waffles.

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