Here is the Moos

I am waiting for my Simmer Dim invitation. This is a very stressful experience – only the first 350 to get their invitations back to Shetland will get a place. And thanks to the joy of Facebook, I know that some people got theirs yesterday and have already sent them winging back north.

It’s particularly annoying because I was at home all last week with Evil Flu. I could have driven the 500 yards to the postbox if the invitations had come last week.

I did contemplate a sudden relapse but that would be Wrong. And then I remembered that it is nearly spring. The sun is shining and I have come to work on the Moos so that I can ride home at lunchtime and hope that the postie has been. So I remain virtuous and I get back on the bike after a short winter layoff. A double win!


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