Needful things

What might a nearly-vintage car need while travelling 2/3 the length of the UK? I have packed, in the car's box, grease gun, oil, jump leads, spare points, and the Book of Lies. Perhaps I should also add some Psychological Spray. In my basket I have salt&vinegar McCoys, bananas and my new DAB radio. I haven't had one before so I'm quite excited.



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5 responses to “Needful things

  1. HWL:

    I can't help but think that you have just given up the 10 mph you strived so hard to achieve.

    make sure you use the WC before you leave, and perhaps start with only half tank of petrol

    and have a good reunion

    Riding the Wet Coast
    My Flickr // My YouTube

  2. chewy

    Bring a good camera, in case you come upon any naked royals.

  3. Duct Tape and Cable Ties and not just for Mr Grey !

  4. Nice blog,i am glad to read this.

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