Preparations for the Simmer Dim #4

Followers of #29in29 will remember that my Cath Kidston wash bag disappeared over the horizon towards the Stirling Range, possibly in the posession of a large kangaroo. It was the perfect size for stuffing into a Metal Mule and I have been keeping an eye out for a replacement. It’s been looking like the shape had been dropped from the range, though.

Today I decided to ask. I am a bit low and buying things is always a mood-lifter: but I am trying hard to be good and only buy necessary things. Lots of praise for the shop assistant – she knew that they were still available, and that a delivery was expected imminently, so she went into the back for a look.

And now I shall be ready for my close-up again 🙂


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One response to “Preparations for the Simmer Dim #4

  1. Sav

    Is that Cath K?

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