Does this come with matching shoes?

I am still thinking about girl stuff. Specifically, how my wardrobe choices are dictated by my transport choices. This morning I cycled to work, even though my knee is still dodgy, because I am porking up to an unacceptable level. So this morning’s question was, what will fit in the basket on the back of the pushbike, and look OK with trainers? Answer – vintage flowery sundress. On other days, the question is, what can I fit under all-weather bike trousers and wear with boots? And the answer to that is usually one of my posh Jaeger frocks, with tights.

There are days when I think how lovely it would be to choose an outfit based on mincing 5 feet from my front door to the car, and then the same from the car park to the office. How lovely it would be to arrange a hairdo and a face in the comfort of my own boudoir, not the office lavs, and not have to wory about helmet hair. 

More importantly I am wondering what I need to pack for the Simmer Dim. I am not sure I want to take my irreplaceable Crowtree jacket to a five-day drinking festival. Mainly because I can’t get any jumpers under it.



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3 responses to “Does this come with matching shoes?

  1. Dar

    I hear ya on the fashion choices. Same issues, what fits in the backpack. I too would love to just go to work already done up in my finery and not have to haul, clothes, make- up, and curling iron. I now have a vast selection of shoes at work cluttering up under my desk. This is the only downside to 2 wheel commuting.

  2. Gosh, I'm porking up to an unacceptable level. I live too far away to ride a peddle bike. Same issues with fashion and my motorcycle – I just look awful with helmet hair, but what's a girl to do?!

  3. BikerGran

    For the Simmer Dim – warm stuff and raingear! I know it's June but it's a looong way north and they don't really get summer till September!

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