Specialised rubber #2

I have been shopping again. This is a replacement push rod, a gasket and a new length of fuel pipe.  I have consulted my 2CV guru, Mark McArthur-Christie,  on Facebook and he concurs with my diagnosis of bolloxed fuel pump. The pump itself is on its way from Germany. There was a good reason for this at the time which escapes me now. 
This weekend I shall be at The Thundersprint with Nikos which rules out any spannering, but Sunday 20th is earmarked as the day of reckoning. I have also got the offer of a lock-up from the Council so it may yet be that Hortense gets to remain a McQueen for a little longer. Particularly if I pursue my long-standing ambition to have a 2CV with flames down the side. I hope that the flames will be facilitated by KAS Racepaint in Kettering rather than an inadequately performed fuel line repair.
In other news, I have received the boot from 2 roles which I rather enjoyed. I am no longer the Floor Manager at the Willingham Jam Club, and I am displaced as Area Assembly Manager for Hopp Rider Training at Cadwell Park.  
I worry that it is something I have done, or failed to do, which resulted in my ousting.
More rationally,  I hope that it is, in the one case, that I had to miss three jams in a row so they were forced to come up with an alternative, and for HRT, that in straitened economic times it makes more sense to have a Paddock Manager who can also instruct. 
I believe that one of my weaknesses is to seek out helpful roles so that I can be liked for what I am doing, not who I am being. Losing these two will force me out of that comfort zone. And give me more time to spend on stage myself rather than helping other people to get up into the bright lights.


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3 responses to “Specialised rubber #2

  1. BikerGran

    Hopp Rider Training have a somwhat unfortunate set of initials (from where I'm stan ding anyway!)……

  2. I have many spanners!

  3. Ah, but there is no chance of getting the Wholly Ornamental Car within spanner range!

    Bobbi – a company run by men were puzzled when I expressed reservations about wearing a Hi Viz with “HRT” emblazoned across the back. Still, it could have been worse – the bus drivers for Potteries Motor Transport in the 80s had even more challenging initals…

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