now I remember why it’s called the Book of Lies…

I need to go to Halford’s to buy some Q-bond which Graham says is the best thing to replace the crack in my fairing which *may* have resulted from a cack-handed reassembly of 2Moos’ front end (not by me).

So I thought I would pursue my new role as “Person who can do simple bike tasks,” adjust the chain on the Triumph, and nip off to the shops.

I’ve read the instructions, and I’ve seen it done, so I felt pretty confident. But I have fallen at the first hurdle (again). Here’s the picture in the Book of Lies, and the same shot showing my bike:-

Can you spot the difference?

In other questions, how do I get a torque wrench on without taking the exhaust off?



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3 responses to “now I remember why it’s called the Book of Lies…

  1. I had exactly the same problem. I've given the book away, but ISTR that part of the procedure is 'remove exhaust silencer'.

    I kept a 12mm ratchet spanner handy for the footrest bracket, and a couple of little ones for the exhaust clamp, and I could have the silencer off in a couple of minutes. But most of the time, to be honest, I didn'ty bother taking the can off, and just used a big ring spanner and a good heave. If you set it correctly with a torque wrench and then see how much heave it needs to crack it a further 1/16 turn, you get a good idea of how much. Correct torque is less than you think here – certainly not gorilla tight.

    Don't forget to snug down the adjuster bolts after you have tightened the axle, or you will be doing the same thing again in a week or two. It seems a little thing, but it matters.

  2. I have bought a big ring spanner but I think it is going to be interesting trying to crack the nut…it's long enough to stand on, I hope that will be a good enough lever!

  3. If it's been torqued correctly last time, you should be OK. IME people (i.e backyard mechanics) tend to torque things like axles and brakes way beyond the manufacturer's figure 'just in case', but it's not necessary. I am always surprised how little force you need to reach the correct figures using a proper torque wrench. Don't forget the old length of pipe over the spanner trick if you find it hard to shift 🙂 Seriously, a foot with your bodyweight behind it should be more than enough.

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