The joys of f***ing spring

You know how it is. In the winter you get into your car in the dark, you go and do whatever thing it was that required a roof and 4 wheels instead of 2, you get home in the dark, and you go from the car to the kitchen, in the dark, tripping over the unfortunately-placed clump of ornamental black grass in front of the door, promising that you’ll have another go at figuring out how to get the motion sensitive light to work, and feeling grateful for being mostly dry and slightly warm.

Then spring comes, and you start your car in the daylight to get it to its MOT.

And you realise that, absent some sort of stubby baked bean end pipe from the likes of Demon Tweeks, there really shouldn’t be a cloud of exhaust emerging from halfway down the side of the car. And you realise that you might as well cancel the MOT again. And you decide to sell the high-maintenance bitch, because I could devote my life to tinkering with my car’s undercarriage, but frankly I’d rather be riding my bike.



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2 responses to “The joys of f***ing spring

  1. HWL:

    it's most unfortunate that we both live in colder climates. Wouldn't it be nice if we lived somewhere warm and didn't need to have a car ?

    Hope that the repair doesn't cost an arm and a leg

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. I'm currently selling a Remus exhaust can on ebay – it's road legal on a BMW R1150GS boxer so should be OKish on Citroen 2CV mobile garden shade?

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