Going Postal

My copy of “Going Postal” has arrived, except that in the UK it’s called “The Long Ride Home.” I sent Nathan an email before I went to Australia because I really wanted to do my exploring on a postie bike – that’s why my overnight stops were so close together – and he was really helpful and generous with his advice.

Here’s Nathan’s intro:

“This is the story of my motorbike trip across the world. It took place from January to September 2009, on a little Honda called Dorothy. She’s a brilliant bike, painted red, the colour of speed, though she herself is not very fast. One time we hit eighty-five kilometres per hour and almost crashed with excitement.”

In the end I decided to take what ought to have been an easier route, and rent a GS. Didn’t quite work as planned! And I nearly got a go on a postie thanks to the Postie Bike Club of Western Australia, but I ran out of time. I still think they look brilliant fun. So I’ll just have to go back.

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