Reasons to Love Australia

This picture shows you one of the main reasons I’m really liking Australia. The first reason is, of course, that it seems to be full of really, really lovely people. I’m open to the idea that it’s just the ones I’ve met, but so far it’s pretty much a 100% success rate.

The other reason is that it’s very bike-friendly. This is a tourist brochure for Australia’s South West, where I’m going on the bike tomorrow. If you look carefully there are 2 bikers in the photos, just doing tourist things and clearly being seen as the kind of people you might like to have visiting your region.

This just wouldn’t happen in the UK.

Anyway, that small spot of politics aside, Happy New Year. It is warm and sunny here, and I am about to lard on the factor 30 and go hunt some koala bears.


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