All I want for Christmas…

Yesterday was our works Christmas do, which involved a Secret Santa with a £5 budget*. I had to buy my Secret Santee 2 bottles of beer, because though he’s a lovely bloke, his hobby is MC-ing and there’s not much in the way of equipment for that you can buy for less than a fiver. Which slightly disproves my theory about hobbies making you easier to buy for. Though the fact that my Secret Santa bought me Red Tape and White Knuckles suggests it may still be true for bikers.

When she decloaked at the end of the karaoke I realised why we’d been having quite such an intense conversation over the turkey about who writes the best motorcycle travel books. I always feel slightly aggrieved that Lois stole my life – bright red hair? Yep. Also does music? Yep. Rides bikes and writes witty self-deprecating stories about the experience? Well, I like to think so. Hopefully this globe will be big enough for the both of us!

In other news, because I was a dirty stop-out (missed my bus home) last night I had to go and buy something to change into (party dress not really the thing for dress-down Friday!) and am Very Happy that these jeans are 2 sizes smaller than the previous ones.

* it also involved a 12-hour drinking session and karaoke. We take our fun seriously in the FlatLands.



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3 responses to “All I want for Christmas…

  1. HL:

    congrats on achieving your weight reduction goal of -2 sizes. I wished I could do that, but I have no will-power. I eat everything I see. I wished that I was going somewhere warm and hot

    Riding the Wet Coast

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  3. Great book. Lois has my life as well. Or the one that I would love if I didn't worry about no income after two weeks away!!!

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