Happy December

Not only is it the 1st of December, it’s Happy New (Old) Trousers day. While I am loathe to prove that, at the root of everything, ladies are indeed obsessed with matters of weight and body image, I am very excited to report that today was the first day I got back into my Belstaff winter trousers. I had to retire them last year in favour of a special pair of Fat Bastard-sized Hein Gericke ones owing to an unfortunate tendency to comfort eat when unhappy. While there is some way to go before, to quote acam@cix’s excellent gender-neutral weight loss goal, “I’m fucking Kate Moss,” it is a source of significant joy that I am at least making progress.



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2 responses to “Happy December

  1. HL:

    I wished I had your fortitude. I have no will power so the calories continue to be digested. I feel better when I remove the size labels from my clothing, congratulations to you for following a weight reduction scheme so diligently. I can't wait to see you in your Australian sun dress (or bikini)

    Riding the Wet Coast

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