Preparations for Australia #2

This is where I’m going to be riding. The Aussie sent it to me to console me for the fact that he’s going to be doing a double shift at work instead of riding with me. As the south-west corner used to be his manor, my hopes are high for great roads and excellent pubs.

The other fantastic thing about this route is that it includes a Giant Ram. I have only just discovered that Australia is famous for its Big Things. I feel a calling to visit them all by motorcycle…



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5 responses to “Preparations for Australia #2

  1. The Aussie “big things” brings to mind a movie I watched a couple of weeks ago. See “One Week” for one man's inner-exploration as he goes from one big thing to another in Canada on his Norton. It's a bit slow and quirky but worth a watching.

    I'm looking forward to reading about your Aussie adventure.

  2. HWL, hope you enjoy the trip – I did a similar one about 4 years ago with my son; my biding memory is how hot it was, and how glad I only took an open face helmet. But you do need to wear knickers – lots of little insects out there.

  3. Hi Doug! Thanks for the movie tip – does it have a sad ending? I need to be prepared!

    El D – I'm quite worried about the spiders that hide in the lav…

  4. Bring back some kangaroo skins for a new set of leathers!

  5. HL, You'll enjoy the movie, it's one any motorcycle rider will understand, even the ending. That's all I'm going to say.

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