Looking at bikes makes me smile

I was feeling rather sorry for myself last night. I’m damaged again having nearly broken my neck trying to change the bed sheets. (Got my foot tangled up and fell into the pointy edge of the wardrobe. Normally sympathetic colleague couldn’t stop laughing at this point of the story).

This morning is much better. The RBR has ended (boo) but it does mean that lots of people are posting their photos (yay!).

When I first started the Rally I waited in anxious anticipation for the Gallery to go up so that I could check whether I’d got the right landmarks. These days, between the Conkers arbitration weekend, and the speed with which Dave the D emails back with comments, that’s less important. The photos are much more about happy memories of a year’s riding.



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3 responses to “Looking at bikes makes me smile

  1. Most true!
    I'm gonna grab a cup of Coffee and have another look at my RBR book, then pop out to the garage and talk to the bike for an hour……..

    Must get a life.. Must get a life.. must get a li………….

  2. Quote < (Got my foot tangled up and fell into the pointy edge of the wardrobe>

    You appear to have a penchant for putting your foot in it.

  3. I know exactly what you're talking about. Getting back to normal life after a good ride usually means virtual death to me – all that clumsiness, stumbling and falling down over and over again… yeah, sounds very familiar.

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